Line of Balance

Line Of Balance (LOB) is a management control process for collecting, measuring and presenting facts relating to time, cost and accomplishment – all measured against a specific plan. It shows the process, status, background, timing and phasing of the project activities, thus providing management with measuring tools that help:

  1. Comparing actual progress with a formal objective plan.
  2. Examining only the deviations from established plans, and gauging their degree of severity with respect to the remainder of the project.
  3. Receiving timely information concerning trouble areas and indicating areas where appropriate corrective action is required.
  4. Forecasting future performance.

SDG’s “Line of Balance” is a graphic device that enables us to see at a single glance which of many activities comprising a complex operation are “in balance” – i.e., whether those which should have been completed at the time of the review actually are completed and whether any activities scheduled for future completion are lagging behind schedule.

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