A Letter from the President of SDG

Dear SDG Client and Teammates:

Welcome to SpeQtrum Diversified Group, LLC, known as SDG.  SDG is a diversified small business innovator in the aerospace supply chain, with manufacturing and distribution expertise.  We also excel in the distribution of consumer product packaging to North American markets.  We are focused on finding solutions to our customer’s needs.  As a company, we believe that each SDG client and team member contributes directly to SDG’s growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in working with our organization.

This web site has been prepared for your use and future reference and is intended to give you SDG’s focus as a company dedicated to excellence.  We look forward to having you learn more about SDG, our capabilities and emphasis on quality.

At SDG, we take pride in being a small, minority-owned business, with a highly qualified management team of professionals.  Our team has over 100 years of experience in running big and small businesses.  Thanks to our emphasis on building business relationships, we have a tremendous ability to satisfy customer demands beyond those of a typical small business.

We hope that your experience working with SDG will be enjoyable and rewarding.  Again, welcome to SpeQtrum Diversified Group, LLC.



Brian Newby, President
SpeQtrum Diversified Group, LLC

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